Endless possibilities with smart lighting

Our smart lighting systems give you infinite personalisation and control

Imagine an intuitive, intelligent lighting system that instantly turns itself on when you walk into a room, or dims at the touch of a button. All the controls are at your fingertips, without you having to get up from the comfort of the sofa! Transform your space into something extra special with a smart lighting system from Norfolk Smart Homes.

  • Truly endless possibilities to create gorgeous atmospheric lighting
  • Set the mood with warm or cool lighting and adjust between the two
  • Easy to upgrade later to add new rooms, configurations or colours
  • We can install indoor or outdoor systems
  • All installed by fully qualified professional electricians

Smart lighting helps you set the scene

One of the key features of smart lighting is scene control. This means you can create “scenes” which control a number of different individual lights all in one go – switching on lamps, setting overhead lights to low, even turning on coloured bulbs to specific hues. Creating effective mood lighting goes hand in hand with easy control, so it’s amazing to be able to set a lighting scene with the tap of a button.

One of the most powerful lighting scenes you can set up is having one button to switch everything off. Imagine the ability to turn all the lights in the house off when you go to bed, just by tapping one button. Easy!

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Smart Lighting controller

Save money with smart lighting

There are so many benefits to smart lighting – from helping the elderly and disabled get around the home safely and easily, to creating ambience in your favourite rooms. There are also cost savings. While there are upfront costs to installing smart lighting in your home, in the long run you’ll find it’s very cost effective.

Dimmable smart light bulbs have up to 20 times longer lifespan than regular bulbs, and could even reduce your home energy expenses by up to 40%. Installed across your home, energy savings could end up being extensive! Obviously, it depends on the correct use of LED lighting and the connectivity, sensors and controls which are installed. Speak to one of our expert electricians to understand more about how much you could save.

Improve safety and security with alert lighting

Want flashing lighting for alerts if motion dectectors are triggered? We can install this – you could even use it as an alert system for when the kids need to come down for dinner. Need low level lighting for moving around your home in the middle of the light? With our smart lighting systems, we can organise automated, low level lighting that comes on in your hallways when you don’t want to disturb the slumber of other members of your household.