Working from Home

Bring your business into the comfort of your own home

Create the ultimate working environment with Norfolk Smart Homes. From temperature to lighting, whether through bespoke lights or electric blinds, to soothing music at the perfect volume to boost your concentration. You can control your entire workstation with a single remote, or use an app on your phone or smart device.

Our home office packages start at just £599, so it’s an affordable way to make your work from home experience the best it can possibly be!

  • Take control of your home working experience with Norfolk Smart Homes
  • Integrated lighting, heating and music all controlled from your phone
  • Install high quality lighting, microphone and audio visual gear for quality video calls
  • Easy to control with our intuitive system
  • Shut everything down for the day with a tap
Control 4 Cinema

Take control with your own smartphone or tablet

The MyHome app allows your smartphone or tablet to control just about anything in your home, from almost anywhere.

Communicate with the rest of your house using the portable touchscreen and integrated speaker system. You could even communicate with people at the front door or gate intercom using our range of smart products, so you could accept deliveries without even having to leave your desk.

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Control 4 Cinema

The brain behind it all

Meet our smart controllers – these nifty devices bring together the electronic devices in your home, allowing them to work seamlessly together. If you decide you’d like to take Control4 beyond your home office, no matter the size of your home Control4 controllers are capable of powering your entire home automation system.

Make your workspace even smarter

Efficiency saves time and energy. An automatic shutdown button as you leave the office for the day will ensure that lights aren’t mistakenly left on and the heating lowers to a more cost effective level. What could be smarter than having it all working using just one remote control?

Control 4 Cinema