Intelligent heating solutions from Norfolk Smart Homes

Imagine having truly intelligent climate control at your fingertips. Imagine not needed to get up from the warmth of your bed to crack up the heating on cold winter mornings. Or imagine being able to turn on the air conditioning from your sun lounger in the garden before you head inside to escape the summer heat wave. 

All of those scenarios could be your reality with an intelligent heating system from Norfolk Smart Homes. The level of comfort it provides you and your family really is worth it – our Wifi enabled technology controls everything through one easy to operate app.

  • Control your heating from your phone or tablet
  • Even works remotely, so you can always check in on your home’s heating system
  • Capable of controlling heating and cooling systems
  • Save yourself money with a greener and more efficient system

Trust the experts to install a high quality smart heating solution

Intelligent climate control with remote access

As much as we might try to hide it, living in the UK means plenty of cool and cold weather, as well as a huge amount of variation. This means you’ll often find yourself having to turn the thermostat up, even in May! The best way to control the temperature in your home, and keep those chilly spells at bay, is with an automated heating control system.

Using your smartphone, iPad or tablet, you can simply programme your heating to come on when you want it to and switch off when you don’t need it. You can even control it remotely, so while you’re at the office, the kids are at school, or the house is unoccupied, you don’t need it roasting in the house, but you want to keep the temperature constant, our smart heating system can do that for you. Before you leave the office or head for home, you can simply command your heating to warm up with a quick tap, so it’s nice and cosy when you get home.

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Get a greener and more efficient home

The added benefit of a wireless heating control system is that you help look after the environment. By intelligently controlling your heating using Norfolk Smart Homes’ technology, you can reduce your carbon emissions, make your home greener and reduce your energy bills. That’s efficiency on every level!

Your choice of systems

We offer a wide variety of excellent smart heating systems that we believe are the best wireless heating control systems available. One is the Nest Learning Thermostat. A thermostat and smart home programmer all in one, the Nest learns your family’s schedule and the temperature that you all like, and can set itself accordingly. It keeps you all nice and comfortable when at home, but saves on energy when there’s no one there.

If you’ve got heating and cooling systems in your home, try our smart Control4 system. It can make your heating and cooling work together using only one thermostat, creating an intelligent and easy to use climate control solution. Using this system, there’s no longer any need for multiple thermostats in a single room, nor complex systems fighting against each other to make everything work intuitively.