Norfolk Smart Homes are experts in smart home security

Our range of smart security technology gives you complete confidence that your home is always monitored and kept secure. Whether you want to see what’s going on at home while you’re at the office, just popped up to the shops, or even away on a family holiday, we have a number of exceptional security solutions that keep you in complete control of your home

  • Keep your home safe and secure with smart technology
  • Range of products including lighting, cameras, alarms and door locks
  • Protect your home with smart gates or garage door controls
  • Norfolk Smart Homes’ expert teams can install high quality security systems

Get joined up security with everything connected to your phone or tablet

Always stay connected to your home

Our smart home security systems give you the freedom to view everything going on inside and outside of your home, wherever you are. You can remotely connect with your home through your phone or tablet, so you’re always in touch and know what’s going on – you could even keep an eye on the dog!

With our smart enabled security technology, you can utilise built in speakers to play a siren tone to scare off any unwanted intruders. Or, use our system as an intercom if you need to buzz in to other rooms in your house or even ask who’s at the front door. You can even tell the children that their dinner’s ready, remind them to do their homework or simply check they’re sleeping soundly. Our intercom systems are so intuitive that you can see who’s at the door, speak to your visitor through the microphone and even answer the door – all without moving from the comfort of your sofa.

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Control 4 Smart Camera

Security inside and out

We can supply the very latest in cameras, video doorbells, motion detection and systems that allow you to answer the door when you’re not at home, too. We can also organise a smart technology enabled entry system so you can allow access to expected visitors or parcel deliveries even when you’re not at home, all coded and all completely secure.

Cameras not only act as an excellent deterrent, they’re also useful when you want to see what’s happening in your home (and outside of it too!).

With our wide range of internal and external camera solutions, you can quickly swipe your app and view what’s going on, fully remotely. Check in on your home, the kids or you’re your pets when you’re not at home. Viewable on a smart device, computer or TV, it’s easy to stay in touch with your property and feel peace of mind that everything is safe and secure.

Should something be amiss, your smart security technology can also alert you and automatically record so any situations will be captured.

Use smart lighting for extra security

Smart lighting is essential for good security, whether for your home or office. As well as setting your lighting to immediately switch on the moment a visitor appears on your premises, our smart lighting can also be integrated with your alarm system, giving you and your family even more protection.

Our brilliant smart lighting systems also work remotely, to protect your home or place of work from prying eyes even when you’re not there. For example, you can set your lighting to switch on using timers or set schedules so that even while travelling, your home or business looks occupied.

Get smart gate or garage door control

Norfolk Smart Homes’ smart gate control systems use state-of-the-art technology that’s linked to your phone and controllable by only you and designated family members. As soon as you approach your gates, you can enable your smart technology to open them automatically, or simply use your app.

If you want your garage doors to open at the touch of a button, or even automatically, then Norfolk Smart Homes is here to help. Imagine – no more getting out of your car and leaving it unattended while you manually lift your heavy garage door. No more standing in the pouring rain getting wet while shutting the garage, and no more worrying about who might be lurking in your driveway late at night when you want to park your car securely. You stay warm, dry and safely inside your vehicle, letting your smart technology do all the work.