Get a reliable, high-quality network that won’t let you down

Norfolk Smart Homes install quality home WiFi networks

A fast and reliable network is one of the most essential elements of your smart home. If your network isn’t up to scratch, your security cameras or intercom could be affected. And, you’ll want a reliable network to stream high quality music or movies to your speakers, or to send commands to your lighting system with zero lag.

  • A high quality network is essential for a smart home
  • Keep all of your devices performing at their best
  • Easy to expand to keep pace with new technology
  • “Set and forget” – no need to keep adjusting settings

Eliminate dead spots and poor connections across your home

Control 4 Wifi

Upgrade your router

The first thing to change when it comes to smart home networking is your internet service provider’s router. The router is the most important item, connecting all your network devices, and the ones supplied by ISPs simply aren’t designed to handle the requirements of a truly connected smart home. Our specialised networking routers keep your connection running smoothly, despite having many devices linked and active simultaneously.

Our network is the backbone of the connected devices across your smart home. We build networks small and large, always using high quality, professional grade equipment, with forward compatibility, redundancy and upgradeability always at the forefront.

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Get a high quality signal throughout your home

Our high quality networks are designed to give a fast and stable connection to all of your devices across your home. Our qualified engineers will inspect your home and come up with a plan to ensure any dead spots are eliminated – leaving you with the comfort of reliable internet throughout your home.

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Expandable and customisable to your needs

Norfolk Smart Homes’ wireless networks always use high quality equipment that can be expanded over time, so your network can grow in the future to accommodate your exact needs. Additionally, we take the time to understand your bandwidth and networking needs, so you can be confident that your devices will perform well, no matter what’s happening on your network.