Smart systems enhance smart businesses

Norfolk Smart Homes work with businesses across a range of industries

At Norfolk Smart Homes, we work with a number of businesses across the country to install smart automation systems that help their businesses run more smoothly and efficiently. Improve security, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and lots more with smart technology.

Smart systems for offices

A smooth running office is essential for a successful business, and meetings with clients should always leave a good lasting impression. During a presentation, imagine the efficiency and ease of using one button to bring the projector screen down, close the blinds and dim the lights – this is easily achievable with Norfolk Smart Homes’ automation systems. For both staff and client well-being, the climate and music can be quickly adjusted to suit specific needs.

For your security, automated cameras can switch onto the receptionists’ screens when someone arrives, you could you set up a text alert if the alarm sounds outside of office hours. An “away” button could simply be pressed at the end of the day to shut the whole office down, including turning off lights and music, turning down the heating, and switching on the alarm.

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Smart hotel room

Smart systems for hotels and guesthouses

For hoteliers, guest comfort is of the utmost importance. Our smart guest systems give a personalised welcome to each guest, by allowing them precise control of TV and music in their rooms as they arrive. Create different lighting scenes according to the time of day and even control the blinds – all of this is possible without entry to the room itself.

The guests can be allowed access to music and entertainment through the automated system, supplying a range of services like Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal, or thousands of internet radio stations, podcasts and more. This could create an additional USP or even revenue stream for your hotel.

The TV screen could publicise daily food menus, local events, local news and even weather forecasts. Guests could select wake up calls with their own music choices, slowly illuminating lights, blinds opening and even switching on the shower. To reduce the carbon footprint of your hotel, rooms could be zoned so as guests check out, the automated system returns lights and heating to preset levels or even switches them off.

Smart systems for restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars

Take full control of every room, light and TV on the premises. With one remote, you can create different ambient atmospheres in different areas, for example the TV playing football in one room with the music playing and disco lights in another. Different lighting scenes according to the time of day or day of the week can create the perfect ambience.

For tradesmen and deliveries, timed access to the building (or part of the building) means that it isn’t even necessary for a staff member to be there to meet them. For your peace of mind, a “shutdown” button means that with a single touch of a button, the lights turn off, heating turns down and the alarm is automatically activated. Security cameras can be checked remotely out of hours if the alarm is triggered, so you could even see if it is a false alarm without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

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Smart systems for spas and salons

Imagine ambient salon lighting and music soundscapes specific to the treatment you are carrying out. For example, waxing could feature bright lights and uplifting music, facials and massages would be set to low level lighting with colour changing bulbs and relaxing music, whilst the hair salon uses bright daylight bulbs with upbeat music.

All of this can be selected using just one simple remote, so you can set the ambience before the clients even enter the room. You could even set up a system where your clients have control of the music played in the reception area.

For added ease and comfort, wax pots could be set to come on before the salon opens, along with the heating or air conditioning. At the end of the day, a single switch by the door could automatically turn off the lights, turn down the heating, switch off the hair straighteners and enable the alarm, so you never need to worry that something has been overlooked.