Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Smart Homes?

We’ve compiled some of the questions we get asked the most and answered them below. But if you can’t find the answers you need, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

What is a ‘Smart Home’?

A home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer.

What are the benefits of home automation?

There are many benefits to having your home automated. Automation can allow you to adjust your thermostat, lights, door locks, and other appliances/necessities from an app on your tablet or mobile, this can also allow you to set up timers for things such as heating.

What can you control in a smart home?

Smart Homes allows you to control just about everything from your phone or tablet, such as lights, heating, security cameras, TV, speakers, and much more.

Can I save energy with a smart home?

Yes, your energy bills can drop significantly with a Smart Home. If you use smart heating and lighting, your home will only use what it needs based on where you are in the house. Smart heating can allow you to choose what rooms are heated and when so that no energy will be wasted.

Do I have to make my whole home smart?

No, making your whole home smart is not compulsory. You can pick and choose what parts of your home you would like to be smart to suit your needs. Making the entire home smart would be a big advantage for home-life efficiency but is not something you have to do.

Is the technology complicated?

Smart Home technology is designed to be easy to use by anyone, across all ages. The interfaces used are set out in a way that is simple to follow/navigate.

Is smart home security reliable?

Smart Home Security is very reliable at detecting intrusions and allowing you to see who is coming in/out of your home. Devices such as smart door locks, doorbells, and cameras can aid you in protecting your home and loved ones from burglars.

What happens to smart devices if my internet goes down?

Our systems will continue to function and talk across your home network even without an internet connection. However, Internet connected devices will may have limited streaming service capability due to no connection to Spotify or Netflix etc.

Can different brands work together?

Yes, your entire smart home system can be made up of products from multiple different brands and still work as one! Devices can communicate with each other regardless of architecture and network protocols through a central controller.

Can I see the devices in action before purchasing them?

You can see a large number of the devices we offer at our showroom! We are open to the public to come to see a demonstration of how the technology we offer works. We can also help you decide what kind of device best suits your needs.

How can I make sure my smart home doesn’t get hacked?

You can make sure your smart home does not get hacked by doing things such as using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and checking app permissions for the devices you use. It is also important to regularly check for security updates.

Do I need extra space for smart home products?

For the most part, smart home products are upgrades for existing home items such as thermostats and door locks, so no extra space is usually required. For projects such as a home cinema, you would require space for additional items such as the projector and screen. Overall, the area is very dependent on the work being carried out.

Can we offer quotes before purchasing?

Yes, we do offer quotes before you go ahead and purchase.

Provide cover for items after installation?

We have a range of service contracts available to ensure your items are covered and will work to maximum efficiency.

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