Unlock the power of smart audio systems

Enjoy your very own personal performance

With our range of smart audio technology and multi-room audio systems in your home, your listening experience will be out of this world! Imagine a bespoke surround system, perfectly amplified, tuned and equalised. Enjoy your own personal performance of your favourite music, without ever leaving your home.

Norfolk Smart Homes’ smart audio technology delivers a sublime listening experience. Whether it’s for viewing all of your TV favourites, watching your football team on a big screen, enjoying a cinema-style movie or playing your music as if you’re at a concert, smart audio promises an absolutely breath-taking experience, and it could be all yours to enjoy.

  • Create the perfect listening atmosphere
  • Easy to control and fully customised to your listening needs
  • Connect all your audio devices, inputs and streaming services to one remote
  • Get multi-room audio that follows your around the house.

Audio systems seamlessly linked to one remote

Our audio experts and qualified engineers can install a state-of-the-art smart listening system that will change the way you hear sound forever. You’ll be able to play anything you want, in any room of your house, at any moment!

Switch from your music collection to any digital radio station you want in a second. Try out a playlist from Tidal, get your recommendations from Spotify Connect, or just spend time engrossed in a podcast. Got Apple AirPlay? With our system, you can stream music directly from your iPhone or iPad (or anyone else’s) in a split second. That’s how easy smart audio by Norfolk Smart Homes is!

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Control 4 Multiroom audio

Experience true multi-room audio

Your new smart audio system can be built in to as many rooms as you want. Just press play on your remote control or app and let the magic begin.

Our specialised systems can follow you around the house, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Discreet installation

Our experienced smart audio experts will ensure that your installation is discreet and unnoticeable. Your smart speakers can even be placed into your ceilings or walls, so there are no untidy looking units whatsoever. You won’t notice them at all – until you turn them on, when your ears will definitely prick up and take notice!

More than just music

Our multi-room audio systems deliver more than a musical or cinematic sound experience. There are a whole lot of other functions too, like a smart doorbell so you’ll be alerted whenever there’s someone at the door, no matter where you are (it works even if you’re out and about!).

If you like your music loud, don’t worry – we can organise an alarm sound when there’s a potential intruder, so you’re instantly aware, giving you another useful layer of security. Your smart doorbell could even be tailored so that it doesn’t disturb sleeping children – it’s that intelligent.